Steigenberger Hotel Ras El Bar

Hotel Information:

Date of Construction: From June 2016 to December 2017.
Category: The level of four-star hotel will be established in accordance with international hotel standards NN According to the latest means of world-class technologies and modern systems, it is also equipped with the latest means of civil protection, surveillance cameras and the highest safety and security means..
Ownership: Holding Company For Tourism & Hotels.
Management: Management and operation of the hotel under the mark (Achtaegnbergr) is the most famous and distinctive marks.
Area: Total area is 4200 m2
Constructivism space 17635 m2.
Description: The project is located in an area is one of the most beautiful and wonderful areas on the surface of the ground in the area of ​​the tongue at the confluence of the Nile to the Mediterranean, the head of Alber- Damietta City.
“The project is divided on Doralpedrom, and Ground Floor, roles repeated (5 floors contain 153 hotel rooms key) and the role of the surface by an open restaurant in addition to the reception areas and the main restaurant and cafeterias and multiple Venues in addition to the heated swimming pool and pool for children and gymnasium and health club, and service areas in addition to Dorjraj parking and electricity units and central air-conditioning plants.
In addition, the coastal region of neighboring hotel space on the left of the hotel building, which directly overlooks the sea, which covers nearly 4,000 meters flat.
And Gary is now complete finishing works and works Alaketromekanekal and mattresses, furniture, and processing equipment and operation of hotels.
Room Capacity: 302 rooms & suites distributed as follows:
153 rooms.



Address: Nile Street – Ras El Bar – Damietta

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