Steigenberger-El-Tahrir Hotel

Hotel Information:

Date of Construction: From March 2013 to September 2016.
Category: Four Star level has been established in accordance with international hotel standards NN According to the latest means of world-class technologies and modern systems, it is also equipped with the latest means of civil protection, surveillance cameras and the highest safety and security means.
Ownership: Holding Company For Tourism & Hotels
Management: Management and operation of the hotel under the mark (Achtaegnbergr) is the most famous and distinctive marks.
Area: Total area is 5867 m2.
Area constructivist 21648 m2.
Description: Steigenberger Hotel el-tahrir has been built on an area of ​​3205 square meters and the hotel is situated at the corner of Palace you joined the Nile and Hampelon overlooking Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum is owned by the Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels of the Ministry of the public business sector.
The hotel consists of 295 rooms and suites spread over the roles of the second and even the tenth addition to the reception area and the main restaurant and lounge, nine of about 250 people celebrations, and other meeting rooms, a swimming pool and hot / cold and gymnasium and health club and regions Doreen services in addition to the parking garage to accommodate 115 cars and the number 24, another car superficial addition to electrostatic units and central air-conditioning plants. Hotel capacity of 295 hotel units.


Phone: (202) 25750777

Address: 2.4 convergence streets Qasr al-Nil and Hampelon – Editing – Cairo

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